Class Descriptions

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Ashtanga Yoga is a system of Yoga popularized in modern times by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. The name Ashtanga Yoga means “8 limbs” in Sanskrit. It is a reference to the 8-part method of practice in the ancient text, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. In Patanjali’s method, the practice of asana or postures is one part of a comprehensive discipline of  physical and mental training.

Pattabhi Jois taught a dynamic method of sequenced postures linked with breath and concentration techniques that aim to give practical experience of the 8-limbed method. Ashtanga Yoga is taught in two complementary formats, Mysore style or Led classes.

Mysore Style. Experience the Ashtanga method as it is taught in Mysore, India.  It is the best way to learn Ashtanga Yoga, and the perfect starting point for beginners.  Mysore style is based on building a relationship with a teacher.  The student will learn the system at his or her own pace with guidance and support.

Rather than being led through the sequence, you will be aided in memorizing the poses over time, cultivating a consistent practice, and practicing independently. New poses will be added gradually.  The students class time will vary depending on their pace and the number of postures they have been taught to practice.  It is not necessary to stay for the entire scheduled class.

All experience levels practice together creating a dynamic and harmonious classroom community, allowing the teacher to supervise and assist each student when and where they need it. Hallmarks of this style of teaching include hands on assistance, individualized instruction, and silent focus to encourage concentration, inspiration, and perspiration.

Led Primary Class.  Once students learn the basics of the practice in a Mysore style class, they will be invited to the led class. In this class, the teacher will call out the names of the poses in Sanskrit according to the classical vinyasa count. This class helps student work on efficiency in their practice and refine what they have learned in Mysore style classes. If you haven’t finished the sequence of poses, you can observe what is to come.  You can also join this class if you have an established Ashtanga Yoga practice.  Prior experience is necessary to attend this class.

Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga.  In this supportive and welcoming class, students will get the opportunity to experience the first section of the Ashtanga Yoga sequence in an introductory and available manner.  This class will give you the opportunity to flow, breath, and sweat while experiencing an introductory class at Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide.  It is a great way “in” to our Shala, and it is appropriate for complete beginners.