Greetings Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide community.  This community is all about you, your growth, and using the tools of Yoga to meet your potential.

Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide comes from Greg’s experience traveling around the world studying, practicing, and teaching yoga. He took many extended trips to India learning  yoga in its homeland.  Teaching yoga comes from a deep commitment to practice over a long period of time.   We truly live what we teach so that we can best serve you.

Part of the teaching style, particularly in the assisted self practice method includes the use of verbal cues, hands on assists, and visual demonstration to help you find the best way for you to practice the method.  We consider it our honor to pass this method to you, and encourage your participation in the process.  Please give your teacher feedback about your progress and ask questions if there is anything that you don’t understand.

Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide also offers a complete Amāyu affiliated learning pathway to help students deepen and expand their knowledge of the ashtanga yoga method by offering courses for new practitioners all the way through experienced teachers.

With Grassroots Yoga, Greg Nardi and Amanda Palermo offer practice weeks in their home of Florida to help support practitioners with their daily practice.

Greg Nardi, owner of Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide & director of Amāyu Yoga

“I practice Yoga so that I can do the work to be the best version of myself. I use the practice to nurture myself and develop self-acceptance. I draw on it to help me through difficult times. I practice to center myself, so I can consciously engage with the world in ways that are meaningful.”

Greg Nardi is the owner of Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide.  Greg’s classes and workshops draw on his experience in the oral tradition of yoga that he participated in on numerous trips to study in Mysore, India and with teachers in N. America and Europe, his years of practice, and his ongoing self-study of academic research in contemporary and traditional yoga.

Since resigning his authorization through the KPJ Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India in 2018 Greg has joined the board of directors for Amāyu Yoga, a first of its kind organization dedicated to educating Ashtanga teachers around power dynamics and consent driven, student centered approaches to the teaching and practice of Ashtanga Yoga. Greg believes in the healing power of yoga for all. His style of teaching assists students in finding the approach to the practice that is most beneficial for them.

Our logo is a bit of sacred geometry.  The Bindu in the center represents the divine creation, in space and time.  The triangles point up and down to represent the process of manifestation and transcendence.  The circle represents the eternal unity that supports all of creation.  It inspires each of us to focus on both our individual growth and our membership in a universal, collective.