Person-centered Ashtanga Yoga

What is Person-centered Ashtanga Yoga?

It describes a way of practicing Ashtanga Yoga that is based on each persons unique capabilities, goals, and experiences.  Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that links breath, movement, and mindfulness.  At Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide we teach use a person-centered approach to the techniques and sequences of ashtanga yoga to offer you an individualized experience. 

The learning experience is a collaboration between you and your teacher.

It allows the practices to be adapted to suit each individual in their unique yoga journey.

Classes include the use of verbal cues, hands on assists, and visual demonstration to help you find the best approach to practice for you. We encourage questions and we invite feedback about your experience.

Our logo is a bit of sacred geometry.  The Bindu in the center represents the divine creation, in space and time.  The triangles point up and down to represent the process of manifestation and transcendence.  The circle represents the eternal unity that supports all of creation.  It inspires each of us to focus on both our individual growth and our membership in a universal, collective.

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