Local Fort Lauderdale Workshops

Introduction to Mysore Workshop

Our introductory workshops provide a supportive and inclusive environment to begin your Ashtanga Yoga journey or revisit the foundations of the practice.

During the Introduction to Mysore workshop we lay the groundwork for the Mysore classes in a manner that is available to all.  We research the subtleties of free breath and movement through Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) and some fundamental postures.

This workshop will prepare you to join the Mysore Ashtanga Yoga classes at Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide. In fact, this introductory workshop includes bonus Mysore classes on the week following the workshop so that potential students can get a real and integrated experience of what it is like to practice Mysore style.

All levels are welcome to attend this workshop.

The next introductory workshops are on January 20th, February 3rd, and February 17th. Click here to register.


Full Primary Series with Jade Skinner

Saturday, March 24th, 9-11am

Jade Skinner yoga in the year 2000 during her last semester in College. She moved to St. Petersburg, Florida in 2002 and that’s when her yoga journey really began. Back then, she had no idea that yoga would become her life. Through personal change, she became extremely passionate to share this knowledge and gift with others. During her Yoga Teacher Training with Di Tyssen, Jade discovered Ashtanga Yoga. Although it was not part of the training, somehow it found her. It immediately captivated her. Through years of practicing and teaching different methods of yoga, Ashtanga is where her heart remains. “What I’ve experienced in Ashtanga yoga is like no other practice out there”! Jade’s own personal experiences on the mat have been deeply humbling to the core of her being. Jade has been studying with Greg Nardi, Tim Felmann, David Keil since 2010 and currently continues. She has been to Mysore to study 3 times, 2 with Sharath and once with Saraswati. Her dedication to the tradition and openness to the evolution of yoga as a whole is where her teaching style flourishes from. A reminder that change is impermanence and adaptation is acceptance. Jade’s dharma is to share, teach and help all students grow on their journey with a foundation rooted in Ashtanga Yoga.

Transitions in Yoga

Saturday, March 24th, 1:30-3:30pm

The Ashtanga system is full of beautiful transitions, both simple and complex. Every time we move we are making a transition by connecting one idea to the next. Transitions show us the relationship between the foundation of an asana and all the ideas that support it. They help us to gauge progression of our practice when we are flowing through the vinyasa from basic to challenging by the fluidity and grace of our actions. In the beginning, we’re simply trying to figure things out, so it might not look as smooth just yet. The question here is, do you pay attention to them? There are 7 major transitions we will focus on in this workshop (trini-catvari, sapta, utkatasana, virabhadrasana b, bhujapidasana, and supta kurmasana). Learn some basic anatomy, strength exercises as well as correct breathing techniques to help develop healthy movement patterns. This will give you insight on how to connect the dots as you continue to weave postures together throughout the practice.