The brand new Amāyu learning pathway is a set of sequential courses that are designed to enhance your knowledge over time whether just to learn more about your practice, to become an Ashtanga yoga teacher, or to increase your current teaching skillset. We offer options for different students with varying levels of experience and interest.

What is Amāyu? Amāyu is a co-operative organization based on the values of transparency and equality. of consent and practitioner empowerment. Amāyu offers practitioners and teachers a long-term, supportive, community based in consent and practictioner empowerment to develop highly skilled and compassionate practitioners and teachers.

The courses – Essentials 1, Essentials 2, Experienced Practitioner, Amāyu Mentorship and Teacher Professional Development (coming soon) – are designed to build on top of each other and engage any practitioner in how they would like to develop and learn yoga.

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