Ashtanga Yoga classes in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide is located at 1515B E. Las Olas Blv!


Telephone 954-909-4404

Our schedule includes early morning, later morning, noon, evening, and weekend classes.

There are no Mysore classes on Moon Days.


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Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide

Moon Days



January 1st – Full Moon

January 16th – New Moon

January 31st – Full Moon

February 15th – New Moon

March 1st – Full Moon

March 17th – New Moon

March 31st – Full Moon

April 15th – New Moon

April 29th – Full Moon

May 15th – New Moon

May 29th – Full Moon

June 13th – New Moon

June 28th – Full Moon

July 12th – New Moon

July 27th – Full Moon

August 11th – New Moon

August 26th – Full Moon

September 9th – New Moon

September 24th – Full Moon

October 8th – New Moon

October 24th – Full Moon

November 7th – New Moon

November 23rd – Full Moon

December 7th – New Moon

December 22nd – Full Moon