Ashtanga Yoga classes in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide is located at 1515B E. Las Olas Blv!

Telephone 954-909-4404

Our schedule includes early morning, later morning, noon, evening, and weekend classes.

There are no Mysore classes on Moon Days.


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Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide

Moon Days


Jan 5th –New Moon

Jan 21st  – Full Moon

Feb 4th – New Moon

Feb 19thFull Moon

Mar 6thNew Moon

Mar 21stFull Moon

April 5thNew Moon

Apr 19thFull Moon

May 4th – New Moon

May 18th Full Moon

June 3rd New Moon

June 17thFull Moon

July 2ndNew Moon

July 16thFull Moon

Aug 1stNew Moon

Aug 15thFull Moon

Aug 30thNew Moon

Sept 14thFull Moon

Sept 28thNew Moon

Oct 13th  Full Moon

Oct 28th New Moon

Nov 12thFull Moon

Nov 26thNew Moon

Dec 12th  Full Moon

Dec 26th New Moon